Post-Antibiotic Gut Health

Hi everyone,
I'm new to the bulletproof concept. I just purchased the book and haven't yet started to put anything into practice. While I have a bunch of questions my big one is about antibiotics and gut health. During the past month I was put on 2 courses of different antibiotics due to back-to-back sinus infections and bronchitis. I was aware before delving into the BP world the impact this can have on gut flora. Usually I would amp up my intake of yogurt and/or cottage cheese afterwords to help things return to normal, but those don't seem to be a part of the 2 week protocol. I might also turn to probiotics, but I'm not sure where they stand in the BP diet. He mentions trying every probiotic under the sun, but doesn't give much of an opinion and talks more about the whipworm eggs he ordered from Thailand (which I think my wallet and my queasiness would veto).

I know he says coffee and chocolate can help with this (yay!!) but is there anything extra I can do since I probably have more of an imbalance at this point than most? In case it helps, I'll be taking my very last antibiotic pill tonight, shopping for ingredients tomorrow, and starting the diet the day after. Thanks!

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