Bulletproof on $6 a day lentils? raw broccoli? hemp?

What are your top clean foods for cheap?

My main question is with lentils. I'm well aware of the issue of lectins in beans. However, lentils are at the top of the list in terms of lowest in lectins.

And, I'm fully sprouting them for 3 days and then cooking -- do they still have any lectins at all?
Are they really going to cause any problems if I eat lentils 3 times per week?

Otherwise, some tips for clean cheap foods:

homemade ghee from kerry gold on sale $3 per 1/2 lb.
organic coconut oil from Walmart
organic coconut milk on sale $2 per can
cold pressed olive oil from California on sale $11 per quart?
organic eggs $5 for 18 at Shaws
lentils/chickpeas sprouted
organic broccoli, parsely and cilantro from farmers market $3 a pound. $10 turns into $20 at Vermont farmers markets - all blended at high speed with water, eaten raw
cooked homegrown red russian kale
butternut squash
hemp hearts
organic chia seeds from walmart
raw soaked deskinned almonds
organic ginger
occasionally some raw oysters and lightly cooked wild salmon

I'm also on:
fermented cod liver oil, butter oil, liposomal vitamin c (homemade), methyl B12, Iodine, Himalayan pink salt, iron, a probiotic, vit. D3 (5,000 IUs) and the occasional Nuvigil or Pregnelone. Thoughts on Pregnelone?

Any problems with raw broccoli/cilantro/parsley that's well blended (micron sized)?

What are some other greens that Bulletproofers consider acceptable to eat raw?

Finally, I still don't understand the Bulletproof argument against shelled raw hemp seeds. Maybe they're lacking in certain aminos, but is there anything specifically negative about them?


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