Perfecting my supplement routine - The ultimate guide

I am using 10 g organic spirulina tabs as well as 10 g of organic chlorella on an empty stomach in the morning.
In addition I have 3 capsuels of myprotein krill oil every day with meals. I also take magnesium in the evening as well as supplementing with myprotein whey impact. Each day I have one tablespoon of turmeric with half a lemon and black pepper, also on an empty stomach.

Regarding further promoting anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties which supplements/ingredients would you further recommend to make my nutrition even more bulletproof?
Focus should be on promoting anit-aging and fighting inflammatory processes. Having been with the BP community for 5 years now I am aware that there is a supplement guide somehwere here in the forum but I am specifically asking for supplements/ingredients that are similar in nature to the ones that are already in my routine.

I read in one of Sadhguru's book that Indian Neem has very beneficial characteristics. Unfortunately I havent had the chance to experiment with it.


  • How do you get your turmeric? Is it best to get it in capsules like cayenne or fresh root and grind up?

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