My afternoon workouts are horrible, what's up with that?

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I've been trying to get into late afternoon workouts. I like the idea of shifting carbs to night, and I feel like shifting my workout to before dinner makes this an even more ideal scenario.

In the past when I would double-up and have a two-a-day workout, my 2nd one would give me some blood sugar issues. I chalked this up to having two workouts in a day and that just being a ton of volume and purposefully uncomfortable. Now that I'm just working out in the afternoon, I'm still getting the exact same problem. If anything, my intensity is lower than usual.

To try to give myself more energy in the gym, I started adding in some pre-workout carbs like a sort of targeted ketogenic diet. Initially, just 1 banana. Then, I thought maybe more would help, so I did 2. Today I did 2 small pre, and 2 small intra bananas. No benefits here. The pump is crazy -- to the point where this almost seems close to just massive inflammation, stacked with a little bit of nausea / dizziness and a little bit of a headache.

Late afternoon training (~4pm) sucks.

When I train in the morning fasted, I can usually go much harder and easier. I don't get much of a pump, and I don't get any DOMS. Afternoon training just feels oddly inflammatory and difficult to get into. I suppose I could switch back to morning training, but I'd like to make this afternoon thing work. Maybe morning lifting / afternoon aerobic exercise would work, although from what I recall, cardio doesn't help glucose disposal (I've read in some cases it actually worsens it.)

What's the best way forward here?



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    @Jason Miller said:
    Seeing as your first trials were fine and this one wasn't, I would look there first. I would not recommend bananas intra to anyone due to the digestion, I'm not surprised you felt nauseous at all. Unless your session is over an hour you may not need intra anyway, and if you do then you'll want something faster and easier to digest like cyclic dextrin, dextrose, or Gatorade (gasp!). Focus more on pre and post, I don't know what your timing was for the pre but you can play with having it farther out, digestion times will determine this, maybe you need 1-2hrs pre for banana because of the fiber, try it. You can go hog post workout.

    Ah, I was doing the pre-banana like immediately pre-workout. Chew... swallow... LIFT! My thought process here was that I'd be able to dodge any sort of blood sugar spike by getting well into my activity by the time it hits. Maybe something more glucose heavy and easier to digest would work. I was thinking about trying out HBCD or dextrose intra-workout, but this feels like a waste of what could be a nutrient-rich / polyphenol-rich source of carbohydrates, rather than a relatively empty white powder. I have messed with SuperStarch in the past when I was more into long endurance activity.

    Are there any particular fruit / veg juices I could use that might work? Like an immediate pre-workout carrot juice? I tried pom wonderful intra-workout and this wasn't great at all -- counter-productive. I feel like if I just have a banana by itself and wait an hour, I'm really going to feel kind of lousy in my workout... sort of like having a small meal of sugar before a time when I tend to be low in energy anyway. Perhaps I need more carbs in my breakfast / lunch to pull this off. Currently, these meals are mostly vegetables (on cronometer, I've usually had a good 1200-1600kcal before I hit the gym with late afternoon training, followed by a ~1,000kcal PWO dinner.)

    It's an odd thing where before breakfast in that 16 to even 20hrs fasted, I don't really run into this issue. With intra-workout BCAAs + Glutamine, I really don't hit this at all. I'm thinking I might just need more experience working out at this time of day and try to push through it. I do drink a few cups of coffee in the afternoon... but I'm not really ready to try taking that out (I don't think that would help.)

  • Man, I know I'm getting old when I'm looking at drinking prune juice to get me through my afternoons, lol.

    Do you have any particular favorite brand of oats? I was using Organic Hi-Fiber Oat Bran from Bob's Redmill for a while (primarily for the soluble fiber & immune-boosting beta-glucans), but stopped using this after hearing some concerns about lectins, mycotoxins, phytates / anti-nutrients, and potential microbiome issues. It seemed like I was better off with something like brussels sprouts for the fiber and sweet potatoes or white rice for the starch.

    When I was doing oat bran more often, I would usually use jarrows pomegranate concentrate + cinnamon, or some wild blueberries, so it was just this dark polyphenol dense mush of PWO carbs.

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    As far as I can tell, the phytate, anti-nutrient thing with oats, is a non-issue.

    There is a real (probably very minor) chance of an oat-sensitivity for some, possibly due to the avenin content.

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