Morning Workouts - what to eat before and after?

Hi, I'm very new here, just finished reading the book and was wondering if anyone could help me. I work out in the morning around 4 times a week, around 7AM. I do 2 weight lifting sessions, one spinning day and another cardio day. Most of my workouts last 45 min. I'm used to working out on empty stomach, but I feel starving right after. I am used to having a protein shake with berries or banana and unsweetened almond milk. Not sure if I can keep doing that in the BP diet. If yes, what are the quantities or fruit and protein? After this shake I feel very hungry again around 10AM. Should I have the bulletproof coffee mid morning instead? What are the ideal meals right after working out when I work out in the morning? Although I won't be fasting on the days I exercise in the morning I would like to compromise on the fasting as little as possible. Thanks a lot!!


  • To answer all of your questions:

    1. Your shake is good.
    2. 1-1.5 cup fruit or 1 banana. Whatever fills you up afterwards.
    3. You could have BP coffee. What I would do is have your post-workout shake full or carbs from fruit, and then the rest of the day stick to mostly protein and fat. You want to put your carbs around your workout to get the most benefit from them (in building muscle and replenishing glycogen).

    It is what it is.

  • When I workout in the morning I do BP Coffee with D-Ribose in it and PQQ/Unfair Advantage and then after do BP Coffee with Collagen in it & have water with BCAA. The Collagen would drop ketones, though, so you can ignore that part.

    Bananas have a lot of sugar. Like, A LOT.

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    Which is perfect for exercise, only very low intensity exercise can rely on fat oxidation, carbohydrates replenish and fuel exercise.

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  • D-Ribose counts as carbs, right? I'm taking like 20-30grams of it before exercising...

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    I missed seeing the ribose in your comment. Ribose is pure sugar, strange why you would pick on the banana for having sugar, could just be a misunderstanding. But regardless, in either case that amount is not sufficient for optimal results, it looks like the origional posters workouts would benefit from more. More optimal would be 50g pre and 50-100g post depending on the training and duration, fasted pre and just doing post is fine as well. food is usually a good or better option than always supplementing with items with no vitamins or minerals.

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  • Well I usually eat Suishi or a BP collagen bar after I workout so I figured I was getting plenty of post-workout carbs there, but i'll consider adding more D-Ribose in the case of the bar & I'll add more before working out. Thanks

    I'm not really 100% sold on D-Ribose being sugar. Personally if I had a traditional pre-workout with 50g or so of actual table sugar I would almost certainly crash during or after my workout from the sugar, but I don't think I get that feeling from D-Ribose if that makes sense. It basically feels "cleaner" than sugar.

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    Be careful, due to ribose being such a rapid simple sugar you can cause hypoglycaemic states, though it looks like you are slowing its digestion with the fat in your coffee which can counter its intended/inherent effect.

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  • Ya, I tried more last night and it happened to be later in the evening & without that much fat in my system and I see what you mean. Stunted my swimming session pretty early on.

    Sometimes I do a green-smoothie that is kind of high carb (Celery, cucumbers, lemon, lime) before a workout with some adaptogens in it, though. Maybe I should stick to that in the evenings... I just really don't want to have carbs in the morning, so I generally only work out evenings or Saturday morning.

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