Morning Workouts - what to eat before and after?

Hi, I'm very new here, just finished reading the book and was wondering if anyone could help me. I work out in the morning around 4 times a week, around 7AM. I do 2 weight lifting sessions, one spinning day and another cardio day. Most of my workouts last 45 min. I'm used to working out on empty stomach, but I feel starving right after. I am used to having a protein shake with berries or banana and unsweetened almond milk. Not sure if I can keep doing that in the BP diet. If yes, what are the quantities or fruit and protein? After this shake I feel very hungry again around 10AM. Should I have the bulletproof coffee mid morning instead? What are the ideal meals right after working out when I work out in the morning? Although I won't be fasting on the days I exercise in the morning I would like to compromise on the fasting as little as possible. Thanks a lot!!


  • To answer all of your questions:

    1. Your shake is good.
    2. 1-1.5 cup fruit or 1 banana. Whatever fills you up afterwards.
    3. You could have BP coffee. What I would do is have your post-workout shake full or carbs from fruit, and then the rest of the day stick to mostly protein and fat. You want to put your carbs around your workout to get the most benefit from them (in building muscle and replenishing glycogen).

    It is what it is.

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