What is your evening routine? Tell us all about it.

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As the title states, share your hacks!
Tell us how YOU currently make sure that your circadian rhythm ( if you have one ) stays in place.
Rather this be through the means of GHB or merely reading a book, I and others are sincerely curious.

  • Hi all! It's been a while, I've been reading your posts occasionally though. I do love the new forum layout.

Below I will start with mine.

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    I, for starters, take Modafinil on a daily basis for exactly a year now.
    I also consume caffeine on a almost therapeutic level.
    (Both already prior to finding out about Dave and his lifestyle)

    As you can probably imagine this sometimes proves challenging when it comes to maintaining normal sleeping rhythms.
    It's not necessarily the fact that it Modafinil stimulates you the hell out ones you try to close your eyes, it's rather that it makes you WANT to stimulate the hell out of yourself. late-night dish-washing followed up by reading through pages of research are just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Add to the latter the fact that I'm a student, bored with most professors, a gamer as well as a lifetime ' night owl ' and you got yourself the recipe for a disaster.

    At first I'd tell myself to get more productive by skipping one or two nights a week.
    But, after a couple of months I slowly shifted into a 36/12 hour wake/sleep rhythm lasting for a 5 solid months.
    During this time I did not need any routine as I would function normally during the first 12 hours , on 90% during the second and on up to 80% during the 3rd part of my day. To, then, eventually knockout for 12 hours straight on one side of my face.

    Currently, after re-establishing brain chemistry equilibrium by quitting both Modafinil and caffaine for an entire week I do fine on just half of my regular caffaine and drug consumption, for now.
    I take 3-5 MG of melatonin in the evening and I make sure to wake up at the latest 10, but preferably as early as 5 AM, every morning regardless of how much sleep I'd get. << TLDR : read this paragraph >>

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