Does adding collagen to morning bulletproof coffee take you out of a fasted state?

I've been adding collagen daily to my coffee and I wanted to get that clarified...

Should I wait until later on in the day to take collagen to stay fasted?


  • I can't answer you 100%, been a minute since I've read the book. I know Dave recommends to take it before bed. Your body goes through the healing process when you're asleep. Having those nutrients and amino acids from the collagen, will only help aid in the process of healing and repairing cells.

  • I have heard Dave talk about collagen in your bulletproof coffee in the morning as well, but don't know about the fasting state.

  • How much collagen are you adding? I've tried adding some to coffee, but it sort of ruined the taste. I tried some Glycine the other day in my coffee but it added a nasty sweetness.

  • Adding collagen will take you out of your fast since it is protein.

  • What do you want out of your collagen?

    Also, how fast do you want to lose wait? Maybe adding it every other day would be fun as well as productive?

  • To be clear, adding the fats (butter/ghee and MCT oil) to your coffee will "take you out of a fasted state" when you consume it. The OP probably meant to ask if it the collagen powder will take one out of ketosis. Answer: It depends on the amount of collagen and the person drinking it. If you are serious about ketosis, I suggest getting a Ketonix, or use some method of checking real-time ketogenic state.

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