New to the world of Brain Hacking, seeking some advice

Hey guys,

I am relatively new to the wonderful world of Nootropics, having only started with Modafinil a few months ago. I have been doing a good amount of research lately and just have some questions regarding daily stacks. I’m thinking of taking the following supplements as a start:

1) Modafinil
2) Aniracetam
3) Alpha GPC
4) L-Theanine
5) Bulletproof Coffee

It is mainly to improve my focus and efficiency at work, while to a lesser degree my social capabilities as well. In order to avoid tolerance build up with Modafinil, I’m thinking of shifting the supplements during my work week, probably like this:

Mon/Wed: Modafinil + L-Theanine
Tue/Thu/Fri: Aniracetam + Alpha GPC + L-Theanine + Bulletproof Coffee

Something important to note is I have social anxiety, ADHD and depression, which is a reason I’m taking these nootropics. So I am wondering, would the above stack be effective to improve my productivity and cognitive abilities, whilst also lessen my symptoms?

Another thing I’m wondering is, what other nootropics can I add on top of my stack to improve its effectiveness? Whilst doing my research, I’ve come across suggestions on several other supplements people tend to add, such as L-Tyrosine, Fish Oil, Tianeptine, Phosphatidylserine etc. etc.

However there really are a lot that’s listed and I’m somewhat overwhelmed by this, which specific ones would be beneficial to add on top of MY base stack? I’m looking forward to hear some suggestions on this, preferably something that I can take on a long-term basis without too much negative side effects.

Thank you so much for reading through this, I would sincerely appreciate your responses!

Cheers and have a wonderful day!


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