Hello Ladies,

If you wouldn't mind sharing ... please mention the BP products you are using and how.
I do the following: BP coffee w/ brain octaine, kerrigold butter and collagen protein in the early AM before a workout.
I welcome any input on what I do and I encourage you to express the benefits/set backs your BP products have produced.



  • Well the Brain Octane oil is awesome! It gives me energy for my workouts and brain clarity!
    I love the bars, they are the only ones I have found which actually supress my appetite. I do not regularly use it but carry it when I know I might be missing a meal here and there.
    BP Coffee is my staple
    I have used upgraded aging, and collagen protein but the effects of those would be long term so cant say that I can directly attest to their efficacy.

  • The collagen protein is amazing. I find it aids in recovery after training and workouts as well as being amazing for my hair and nails. I also use Brain Octaine - although I don't tend to drink coffee every day but I have found an incredible Bulletproof Hot Chocolate recipe that I use instead. It is as indulgent as it is healthy.

  • I use BPCofee with brain octane - works awesome for me.
    I was using the BP Upgraded Collagen - however my face breaks out with acne after having it. Not sure how connected this is, but I am celiac and usually any traces of gluten cause my face to break out with acne, with just the traces of gluten I will get this sooner than any real stomache issues, so it's funny that way. I know that the BP Collagen is considered GF, however from the label I remember it saying that it may contain traces of gluten. And I only checked the label to confirm that after having my face covered with zits. I have switched to a different brand of grass-fed collagen (Organika Enhanced Collagen powder) and I find that it works much better for me - also a plus it is Canadian owned and operated (I live in Ontario).

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    Six months ago I started on the Bulletproof path. I began drinking BP Coffee in the morning @ 9:00am and then I would go to yoga at 11:00. While in yoga class I began having serious acid reflux (the coffee would repeat on me if you know what I would come up to my throat, burping, especially while doing downward dog and some basic inversion poses.)
    Does anybody else experience acid reflux after consuming Bulletproof Coffee and then doing yoga a few hours later? I only experience the acid reflux when I do yoga (after I've consumed BP Coffee). You'd think that after several hours (from 9:00am until I do yoga at 11:00am) I would have properly digested the BP Coffee. Can someone comment on my situation. (PS: I use the finest BP Products: BP coffee beans, brewed in a French Press, 2 tablespoons of BP Ghee, 2 tablespoons of Upgraded Collagen Powder, 1 tablespoon of Brain Octaine and 1/2 tsp Stevia powder.) I was thinking that perhaps coffee does not agree with me, so I switched to highest-grade Organic Ceremonial Matcha powder instead of coffee, and using all the same additions as stated previously (ghee, collagen powder, brain octane, stevia). I love the way it tastes and the way it makes me feel, but it also repeats on me during yoga class. By the way, my facial skin has never looked better (since using the collagen powder regularly, along with the previously stated ingredients. I swear, I look 5+ years. I also feel better brain focus. Now, if the acid reflux would just go away!

  • It happens to me too. I find taking betaine HCL, ox bile and digestive enzymes helps me digest the fat better and faster.

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