Good substitutes for coffee to mix with butter

I'd like to have an alternative to coffee with my bulletproof coffee. The problem with is everything else the I've tried the butter taste is coming through too strong and the drink tastes not pleasant. Is coffee important for BP Coffee to work or ist it just for better taste?


  • I like to switch things up and brew a combo of either black tea or pu'erh tea with roasted cacao shells - usually a mix of half & half. It actually makes a pretty strong coffee-like brew & the roasted cacao shells are pretty cheap in bulk from Mountain Rose.

  • Pero is working well for me

  • jcg3jcg3 ✭✭✭

    Coffee is not required. There's a "no coffee latte" recipe that is pretty good.

    I've used water, tea, decaf, protein shakes, etc. You can mix and match your fats if you don't like the taste - I might make turmeric tea with butter and octane, or green tea with just coconut oil.

    You can also try using less butter. You don't need much to get the benefits that are specific to butter (e.g., butyric acid). You'll get more benefit from a carb-free and protein-free meal than you get from the specific fat used.

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