Where do I get smart drugs?

I was diagnosed with ADD a couple of years ago and have taken Adderall on and off (currently on because I am in college) and it does help, but Dave does ot suggest Adderall and I am sure there are more beneficial ones that do not have the word Methamphetamine in it. Here are the ones I am mainly looking for:

Modafinil: Since my doctor diagnosed me with ADD would this be a reason for her to give me a prescription for this? Right now I only pay $10 for Adderall with my insurance, will insurance cover a majority of the cost? Does BulletProof Coffee give the same effect as Modafinil?

Aniracetam: Do I need a prescription for this one?

Nicotine: Is there a way to take a very low dose of this like Dave suggests without smoking it? How?


Bacopa Monnieri: Worth finding?


Any help finding these or any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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