Pulling back on protein

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I've been doing around 80-120g of protein per day, occasionally up closer to the 150g range if not a little past that when I get going on protein shakes and fat pieces of meat. I've been thinking about dialing this back to 60-80g. Right now, I get around 100g net carbs per day. With IF and brain octane oil, I can get some ketones up, but I'm certainly not in deep ketosis by any means. I think I wake up with ketones around 0.3mmol, and if I do a really high fat breakfast I can maybe get this up to 0.4-0.7mmol by the end of the day (or 1.5mmol or so with 2tbs of brain octane.)

I'm curious if dialing back protein will have a detrimental effect on LBM / Body Comp several months down the road -- at a lower protein intake would it be better to move closer to a Keto diet to spare lean mass? It would suck to do this and lose muscle, gain fat, and worsen insulin sensitivity & metabolic flexibility.

I was noticing my fasting blood sugar creep up higher and am going to see if a lower protein intake doesn't make gluconeogenesis relax a little bit.



  • @Jason Miller said:
    Just wondering, what is it you are trying to do? is the main focus and goal of your diet plan to be in ketosis? why do you want to be in deep ketosis?

    I suppose there's a few competing goals here. I'd like to optimize my diet for cognitive + physical performance, health & longevity related biomarkers, and body composition. Ideally, I'm driving HDL-C up, LDL-P & sdLDL down, TGs down, and postprandial & fasting glucose down. Then, I'm driving fat mass down while maintaining and building lean mass & strength.

    I do feel great on a ketogenic diet, but I'm not sure how it works for the other goals. Lately, my fasting glucose has been up in the 90-100 mg/dL range.

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