Should I do HIIT sprints in the evening? - Question after steak dinner! :)

BR DarrenBR Darren
edited December 2016 in Physical Performance

Hey all :)

This is my first post! So I hope it makes the great standard of some of you guys here.
Its 9:30pm as I type this!

I ate some Sexy Time Steak from Tim Ferries the 4 Hour Chief and I am wondering if it would be ok to do some HIIT sprints in about an hour?

Is there any cons to doing this at night?
Should I just let my stomach settle? (*side noteI was fasting for 24hours before eating this)
Is there an optimal time to do this? :o

I would love to know your thoughts again its my first time posting and I am trying to get more analytical with my life starting with food!


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