Powdered Vegetable Suppliments?

I've known about the BP diet for a while but I'm only now starting to seriously implement it.

My issue right now is I used to use Vega One for protein and veggies in my previous diet (I am not a vegan). But, it has pea protein which is not bulletproof. It also has a huge amount of veggies in it, with fiber, and no sugar. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71067RJbmvL.SL1024.jpg

It seemed to me like a real easy way to round the day off when I hadn't eaten enough vegetables. Are there bulletproof nurtrient suppliments where I can get Vitamins, vegetables, and Fiber?

I don't see myself ever eating enough vegetables. I have 1 large salad per day on purpose (arugula, romaine, spinach, broccoli sprouts) and any other vegetables are acquired by accident.

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