Hormonal effects of Tai Chi / Qigong / Yoga

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As some of you may know, Amy Cuddy, the Harvard researched, seems to have shown that “power poses” increased testosterone, and decrease cortisol levels, while increasing confidence. This is somehow similar to effects of NLP’s physiology of excellence.

I suspect that ancient practices such as Tai Chi or Yoga may have some effects on hormonal levels, as well as the subjective experience of the practitioner.

I wonder if there is any study showing the effects of Tai chi, Qigong or Yoga on hormonal levels?

Appreciate your thoughts and comments.


  • Have you looked at this study? It measured the levels of growth hormone, Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) and testosterone after doing some qi training.

    They concluded that the qi training increased the growth hormone by 7 folds in elderly and 1.6 folds in the young during the training. Qi training also increased the testosterone levels for the elderly. (can't figure out what age brackets they used for "elderly" or "young"!)

  • Increasing the growth hormone 7 times is incredible, even 1.5 times is pretty good! I wonder if High Intensity workout have the same effect on the growth hormone!

    It may be better to do very low-intensity chi kung?!

    Did you figure out how much was the level of testosterone increase?

  • I wish there were more studies like the one above. Sometimes, there are different hormones being measured and different methodology may yield different results.

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