Triggered Panic Attacks - Sensory Overload!!!

Hello all!

I've been eating BP for over 3-years now, had previously lost a ton of weight, kept it off, and am overall feeling pretty good. I began HRV and meditation a few years ago as well.

As a teen, I used to suffer from some ongoing anxiety but eventually was able to overcome it. I had a pretty traumatic childhood, and I have no doubt that this contributed to that anxiety,

I have ULTRA-sensitive senses. Sounds are louder for me, smells are stronger for me, people's overall energies are even stronger to me. (I know, this sounds hippy-dippy as heck.. but it's true).

Earlier this year, I suddenly began experiencing panic attacks that were always triggered in "outside" situations. I despise public restrooms, and if I found myself in one, I'd be sent into a full-on panic attack. From there, most public situations then reliably sent me into a panic, even though I have no discernable fear of people or places. I am fine with public speaking, I am a strong gal... I lift weights... I do not see myself as a weak person at all. It's completely baffling to me. I'd even panicked just eating lunch in the car with my husband. It was unbearable... It was like this full-on adrenaline dump, and the more it happened, the more it drained me. I felt like I really needed to run away from something, but I didn't know what. I've always battled the "sensory overload" aspect of being in public situations, but I've had a good handle on it for 32-years. Until now...

A temporary solution has been a not-so-great one. I have never been a big drinker but I have resorted to a few shots of vodka when I leave the house. (I work from home, so this isn't an everyday thing.... and my husband drives) When I come home, I do all that I can to detox my liver - lots of L-Glutathione and other supplements, followed by tons of water. Ironically, the vodka has enabled me to actually "enjoy" being in public situations rather than simply tolerating them. It's also saved my adrenals from all of these panic attacks! It numbs my senses just enough so I am able to just be in the moment and enjoy myself. Obviously, this isn't a sustainable solution.

I notice that most people who suffer from panic attacks also suffer from a constant anxiety mixed with occasional panic. However, I do not have perpetual anxiety I only have triggered panic. When I am in my element, I am always completely at peace.

I'm considering DMT as a path of healing treatment. I believe the panic could be related to the past trauma that I previously mentioned. I've tried CBD oil, but I am not sure what dose would even begin to inhibit such a powerful adrenaline dump. Or, if it's even possible.

Has anyone else ever overcome panic such as this?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!




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    You should seek professional guidance from a psychologist/therapist or some other sort of mental health expert. The abnormal psychological phenomena you experience should be evaluated by an expert.

    Are you low carb, low calorie, IF, take a lot of supplements? Have you evaluated the possible impacts your current diet could have on your mental health?

    What the hell gave you the idea that DMT would be a good idea? It's possible to experience traumatic experiences from DMT and other hallucinogens. Persons with (possible) psychological/mental issues should not take DMT, anyone who would suggest otherwise would have to have some serious delusions.

    My comments expressed in this post are my opinions. I wish you the best.

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  • Hi I agree about avoiding the DMT vodka is similar as it is altering your brain chemistry, I wish I could contribute more. You said your hyper sensitivity may seem hippy dippy well try an hippy dippy approach, there are loads of sights helping to heal past hurts, affirmations, creating personal barriers, even metaphysical stuff to protect your aura. Your a strong girl you lift weights and go to the gym you just need to do the same with your thoughts and reactions, go within that's were the answer is. I hope someone out there can be more helpful and practical however it does not hurt to try. Hope you figure it out, good luck.

  • I'm new here and have no real "cred" but I have General Anxiety Disorder. I completely understand what you're going through. My anxiety isn't triggered by anything that I'm aware of.

    The bad news... I crutched on alcohol for years. What I realized, however, was that it was the alcohol contributing to my "anxiety". As I weened my intake, my anxiety began to disappear. There are still days that I do drink when I get home to overcome whatever it was that set it off, but it's typically only 1 glass of wine. It will knock it out.

    I highly suggest no drinking for quite awhile to see if you balance back out. I've only been doing BP fasting for a week now but I do notice a higher level of anxiety as a result of IF. Since I know what's going on, I do my best not to freak out.

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    There are tons of better things to use compared to vodka. Even if you're helping to detox afterwards, alcohol is a blunt instrument to try and calm panic attacks, and it's probably making them worse in the long term.

    It sounds like you are way over-stimulated with your neurotransmitters. If you're taking L-Glutamine for anything, you should stop - it can often cause excess glutamate. Turn down any other stimulants you might be taking - caffeine, choline, etc.

    You can calm down more safely by raising your gaba and/or serotonin levels. You could use L-Theanine, Kava, or Phenibut to try and raise gaba levels. For serotonin you can use 5-htp, L-Tryptophan, or Melatonin.

    Those are all some pretty sharp knives - they can be effective tools, or you can cut yourself on accident. Be careful, and get some outside help if needed.

    I wouldn't jump to DMT unless you're already working with someone who suggested it as a specific therapeutic tool to use. If you do have some trauma that you need to overcome, you need someone with experience to help with that.

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