Travel mug recommendation?

I have a ceramic mug but the lid is plastic with rubber gasket and MCT oil degrades that. Anyone has a recommendation for a travel mug that has rubber/plastic free integral cover? Ceramic or metal?


  • Eh lids look plastic on those still and rubber gaskets also degrade...i wish there was a metal mug with an all wooden lid

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    Zojirushi is the bomb. I've used mine for years now, no impact on the rubber or plastic.

    Not sure how much you think MCT affects plastics - I've found most high-grade mugs, contigo and zojirushi specifically, are not impacted at all (unlike cheap products).

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    Hydro Flask
    have several, works well
    but the lids are plastic,
    I bought an all metal lid for their narrow mouth, but I dont see it on their site anymore
    a quick search on amazon came up w/ several metal lid options

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