Over 65

I have been bulletproof for almost a year and feel fantastic. Lost 15 pounds, have not been sick, etc. I am very active with yoga and the gym and still working. I follow Daves' supplement suggestions per his books and also use Glutathione Force daily.

My challenge is not eating after my evening meal. I still get the 'craves'.

Any advice out there?

Also- is there a specific Bulletproof anti-aging group out there??



  • Hi, I have just joined and would join a group if there was one, I am 59 and can understand about the cravings, I can go all morning not bothered at all and then after my evening meal I feel peckish and it takes all my willpower to abstain. I try and not have anything available, no crap that is, however during Christmas the house as been full of stuff some bought as presents, chocolate cakes and rubbish. I also do Yoga, start the day with the sun salutation and a headstand. Interested in anti aging I can already see my elasticity in my skin as diminished and I tire quicker so it would be good to share ideas with a group.

  • Hello. 65 year old woman here. Started a modified BP lifestyle a couple of years ago after suddenly gaining 20 pounds. Was humming along when a head injury (and others) set me back until I went to a local Functional Neurologist (they're not easy to find so I felt blessed to have someone so close). Long story short, back on track with personal trainer, modified BP lifestyle, growing sprouts, generally devoted to self-care. I can hardly wait for Dave's book on mitochondria and really appreciate the work he does so that I don't have to. My interest in peak performance differs from younger biohackers but I intend to be a strong, smart, juicy, and creative old woman. It's a journey ...

    I've been considering the upcoming BP Coach training but may have to wait until my caregiving responsibilities shift. I'd join a group if there was one, too. Viola

  • If you have Dave's book, find the recipe for the latte which is basically hot water, butter, coconut cream or coconut oil, an acceptable sweetener, and a little vanilla. There are nights when I'm so hungry that I drink two of them!!

    If that fails and I'm still starving I will have celery with a little almond butter and that does seem to work.

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