Rapid Fat Loss Protocal

Today I LOADED up on vegtables & protein- grassfed whey and beef... steamed kale shakes with ginger and blueberries (rogans hulk shake)...probably a pound of broccolli and cauliflower (and carrots), and spent most of the last few days carbing up- sweet potatoes, carrots, and coconut flour pancakes like crazy. Before that, the holidays were free for all sugar and gluten loaded days that surly kicked me way out of ketosis. I put on about 20 lbs since Christmas eve...im sure alot of its water, and even some muscle (powerlifted every other day). Considering the RFLP but was wondering if any other athletes have done this and what it was like. I practice muay thai and jiujitsu about 8-12 hours a week and run in the AMs on days Im not training, and powerlift on Sunday AMs. I'm trying to enter ketosis quickly and loose the holiday muffin top- without losing muscle. Help? Ideas? Comments? Thanks yall. Happy New Year!


  • Thanks Jason- good point.

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    You are working out at high intensities, RFLP or ketosis combined with that will both lead to disaster. You are burning glycogen with your trainings. Working out and eating properly will get you into a much greater shape than starving yourself ever could.

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    Is your social worker in that horse?


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