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I keep Kosher as does my family, which leads to a few restrictions in relation to how BulletProof constructs everything you eat. For example, dairy products can't be eaten with meat products (ie. butter with Lamb, Beef, or Chicken). What are some of the ways to work around this? Can I simply substitute more MCT or Coconut oil when eating meat? Can I add butter a few hours before or after to get similar effects? I also can't eat blood or blood proteins and if I recall the upgraded whey had blood inside of it, any thoughts? How important is the whey to a healthy lifestyle and balance?


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    If you can find grass fed lard (from cows, not pigs), you can substitute that for butter in most meat recipes. You would still have the butter in bulletproof coffee, but that's going to be had about 12 hours after dinner and 6 hours before lunch, so no kosher issues. I don't know whether you can have dairy with fish -- I would guess that it does not count as meat, and eggs are pareve, so no issues there. Also, there is a lot of recipes that contain coconut milk, and that would be fine, as well.

    It is entirely possible to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle without consuming whey.

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    "...if I recall the upgraded whey had blood inside of it..."
    could you recall up a link or ref for that @jroza1 ?
    icr seeing/hearing that before, for any whey protein product

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  • In my conversation with Dave a few years ago. I was asking questions about Bulletproof long before the book :-) he I thought had said that there was an extracted blood protein that we was adding to the Whey - Maybe I misunderstood or something has changed.

    Maybe it is the collagen I am thinking of. Let me see if I can dig it up in email.


    @daz said:
    "...if I recall the upgraded whey had blood inside of it..."
    could you recall up a link or ref for that @jroza1 ?
    icr seeing/hearing that before, for any whey protein product

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    @jroza1 perhaps it was serum albumin you were discussing...

    Bovine serum albumin is present in whey protein, sometimes just listed as serum albumin.
    Bovine serum albumin is a protein found in milk.

    But if you were to just google serum albumin, I can understand how someone could get the idea that an ingredient sourced from blood is in whey protein.

    Note, (bovine) serum albumin would be listed on the label as information only, as part of the Protein Profile, it is not an added ingredient **

    Other items (not ingredients) you may see listed as part of a whey protein Protein Profile are;
    α – Lactalbumin.
    β – Lactoglobulin.
    Immunoglobulin G.
    Proteose Peptone.

    ** If you saw serum albumin listed as an actual Ingredient, now that would be a different matter.
    The only ingredients listed should be Whey Protein Concentrate &/or Isolate, & then possibly Lecithin, & possibly flavours (if that's your thing).

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  • Dude that is super helpful! The way Dave explained it years ago sounded like they were extracting a blood isolate and adding it to the mix. And with the religious prohibition, well it is what it is. Thanks!

  • @jroza1 Hi! Also keep kosher :) Have you been able to find a grass fed organic butter that is OUD I have been using the Ghee which has a hecksher and Kerrigold which doesn't (I don't mind, but guests do).
    Shabbat Shalom

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    I'd suggest doing dairy in the mornings and then dairy-free in the evenings.... that way you can have bulletproof coffee in the morning. :)

    You can use any other cooking fat instead of butter for evenings - it just tastes different. I like EVOO (olive oil), avocado oil, tallow from grass fed cows, coconut oil. If you're following a recipe you might need to make some adjustments, but not much from my experience.

    @thebookhunter Where did you learn about ghee being ok?

  • @thebookhunter Shabbat Shalom my friend as well. I don't have a problem finding Ghee or butter that is OUD and conforms, its more cooking with meat. I do cook with Hecksher foods - the challenge if you want a Rabbi to visit and eat your food.
    I buy my meats from Kol Foods and they also offer a Tallow, so maybe I will by that to use when I cook with meat because it is also high in CLA. Kol Foods sent a bunch of lamb bones and scraps to our Kosher market and I made some outrageous Lamb bone broth! If ever you are in the bay - send me a private note...


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