Too Much BPC for Weight Loss

I started bulletproof intermittent fasting over a week ago, and I am considered obese and trying to lose weight. Over the 2nd half of last year I had a really bad diet, I would drink alcohol almost every day after work besides eating fast food and crappy food a lot at work. I know the proper way to eat I just wasn't doing it! But now I stopped eating anything processed, no alcohol, no cheese, no sugar & no gluten. However, in the past week since starting this I have gained 5 pounds instead of losing anything. I am wondering if I am drinking too much of the BPC each day. I usually make 5 cups with 5 tablespoons of grassfed butter & 5 teaspoons of Brain octane oil. Just yesterday I started adding 2 tablespoons of collegen protein since Dave wrote in his book and website if you have a lot of weight to loose you should add this. I usually don't eat until 2pm and I have something small like 2 hard boiled eggs with pink salt & sometimes an avocado. When I finally eat dinner around 8/9pm its always a healthy meat and veggies, once in awhile a sweet potato.

Can anyone help me out or give me any advice? Thank you so much in advanced!


  • If you're obese and have truly cleaned up your diet to that extent, you have nothing to worry about. The fat should soon begin melting off. If you're focusing on eating healthy fats and vegetables to satiety, you're 100% on the right track. If your weight loss is truly stalled and you don't see progress in the next 1-2 weeks, definitely consider cutting back on the BPC. Maybe replace 1-2 of those 5 cups with a healthy, high fat snack.

  • Having read the book and numerous articles my first guess is you're possibly not eating enough but with that much butter and BO you should be fine I would think. I followed the Intermittent fasting protocol for 2 weeks and didn't lose any weight so have switched to the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol to see what that will do.

  • Have you considered adding bone broth between meals? When I first started dieting it would take about 3 weeks before weight loss happened. Your body is most likely using up the fuel it has before you start burning fat. Be patient with yourself, try to clear up any digestive issues you may have and visualize yourself being thin and good looking every 20 mintues. You are doing the right thing.

  • ACH85ACH85 ✭✭

    @MurphGem said:
    I am wondering if I am drinking too much of the BPC each day. I usually make 5 cups with 5 tablespoons of grassfed butter & 5 teaspoons of Brain octane oil.

    Wait, hold up, how has the total amount here not been mentioned yet in this thread? Maybe I'm reading this wrong...

    If each of your 5 cups of coffee has 5 tablespoons of butter and 5 teaspoons of brain octane, that's 2,500 calories of butter in total, plus another 800 calories worth of brain octane. If this is the case, yes, the BPC is the problem stalling fat loss. The problem is consuming >3,300 calories in the "fasting" portion of your day. Don't do that, or anything like it.

    If you are spreading a total of 5T of butter across 5 cups of coffee, that's less likely to be the problem, but you should be able to just have one cup in the morning and wait to eat until lunch.

  • I only use coconut oil when Im hungry. Tonight, I was tired and had half tablespoon of coconut oil in ginger tea for dinner. The brussel spouts and butter I put back in the fridge just because I was not hungry-just tired. Decide your 2 meals, coconut oil in between a half talespoon at the time and you will do well. Let your body guide you and relax-your body will tell you if you are hungry.

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