I notice that a lot of Dave's recipes use turmeric. He really doesn't talk about it much in the book, but I'm assuming that he's using it because it has anti-inflammatory properties. I have no problem with it, but my wife says that the taste of turmeric makes her gag. Does anyone know of any other anti-inflammatory herbs that can be used instead of turmeric?


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    It's nice to get some turmeric with your meals, but it's not enough benefit to endure any dissatisfaction from your spouse. If you really feel you're missing out, make yourself some turmeric tea instead...

    For other spices, here's an article on the topic: https://blog.bulletproof.com/best-anti-inflammatory-herbs-and-spices/


  • I add turmeric to salads by grating it. If your wife does not like the flavour, just add it to your own meals as a type of condiment

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    You can also find some good turmeric supplements in capsule form out there. Don't have to taste it that way.

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  • Ginger, garlic (not typically used as medicine for inammationl, tart cherry (not other cherries), cranberry I think, one place said cayenne but that sounds odd?, chammomile, and tons and tons of others.

  • You can take the powdered spice and put it in empty gel caps.
    I'll eat whatever, so would just put some in water with protein and apple cider vinegar to down a quick healthy beverage that tasted like ass, but I do not recommend that approach unless you have a strong stomach.

  • I LOVE Turmeric and Ginger both! both also Garlic is an important spice in my cuisine. also Cayenne pepper and also Black pepper.

    during summertimes I ALWAYS barbeque beef with sea salt and black pepper and garlic, making this combo of 3! LOVE IT!

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    I mix it in hot water (or juice if you are not against it) with ginger and cinnamon (and you can sweeten it or add lemon or anything) and some pepper and drink it. I never cook with it because it ruins the taste of food for me (probably because I'm using too much, the taste would be okay in smaller quantities but then what about the effect), but paired with other spices and downed quickly it's easy.

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    It also depends on what you're adding it to. If you eat poultry, turmeric is awesome. I add it to ground chicken and ground turkey all the time and really enjoy it. Include some black pepper and a bit of fat to increase absorption if you want to get more bang for your buck. Turmeric doesn't taste very good with beef, to my palate. I also add it to my rice. I make white rice, throw turmeric, black pepper and ghee in it as it cooks, and enjoy tasty yellow rice that doesn't have much turmeric flavor.

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  • There are many ways to take turmeric. Since it is a spice, the user can sprinkle it on food such as sauces, soups, milk, tea, and the like. Because of its poor absorption capacity, it is best to mix with black pepper to enhance the body's ability to absorb.
    I don't like the taste either. So I just buy size 0 gel caps to cover its taste.

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