Concussion Recovery

I'm looking for a way to enhance my recovery form a concussion. I received one about two months ago and still have some PCS. I have already seen many doctors and had MRI and other work done to ensure I had no internal bleeding. I come here because the only recommendation my doctors have given me is to rest and try not to use screens/workout/study/read too much. I want a better answer than that. From my research it seems there are many possible ways to improve the recovery rate of a concussion including many supplements (such as creatine, Vitamin E,C,D, Fish oil, pine bark extract, and others) also it seems that LLLT (low level light therapy) might help and that ketosis might help. I am curious what the consensus is on these activities and supplements for the brain and PCS especially in my case of being two months out from the actual concussion. Also what diet and exercise should I pursue?

Thank you

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