Typical day of eating?

I would love to hear what some typical daily meal plans look like. Mine right now is something like this:
B- 7am Bulletproof Coffee
L- 2p Salmon with Zucchini (about 1/2 pound salmon and 1/2 pound Zuc with butter and salt)
D-6p 8oz rib eye broiled (didn't have time to slow cook, but was rare/medium-rare) creamed spinach
Water about 10 glasses throughout the day.

B- 7am Bulletproof Coffee
L- 2pm asparagus salad with 3 soft boiled eggs
D- Turkey loaf (used the cumin Lamb loaf recipe from the book but subbed Turkey) creamed kale (didn't have spinach, but prepared the same.

Good? Bad/??? On target or off?


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