Intermittent fasting with crossfit.

I have been trying Intermittant fasting but struggle with only having coffee prior to my 9:00 am crossfit. Any recommendations?


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    Not an optimal idea, Crossfit requires fuel, depending on what time you get up you would probably do better with a fast digesting preworkout meal like quick oats or white rice and a protein shake. If you really want to train fasted your preworkout meal can be considered the last meal the night before, you also may need to address total calories if your performance/recovery is lacking. You can also have some sort of pre and/or intra workout liquid carbohydrate (intra when sessions are on the long side). Crossfit being anaerobic and high intensity relies heavily on carbohydrates by nature so making sure your daily intake is adequate will help as well. My first session is at 5:00am and I take a preworkout supplement and bcaas, then postworkout protein and carbs. The afternoon session has a pre and post workout protein and carb meal. Make sure you are getting proper total calories and adequate carbs, you should be fine.

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    I think it's bad idea. I haven't drunk coffee five years already.

  • I second Jason's post. You will need something to fuel your workout, which is were your carbs can come into play.

    -Carbs before (sweet potato, white rice) along with the rest of your food.
    -Optional BCAA's, or Gatorade during your workout.
    -Carbs after (Fruit with your post workout whey protein shake)

    On days that you workout, skip the fasting and make sure you get enough calories.

    It is what it is.

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