Confirmed: I lose less weight the more frequently I work out. Any suggestions?

Hey guys.

Just wanted to give you a breakdown of my situation. I'd been attempting to drop between 5-10 pounds pretty consistently for the last year, and I have seen pretty promising results due to sources such as bulletproof and others. I'm 24 years old, and come from a highly competitive international career in track and field. So as of now I'm 6'0 202 pounds and based off of a recent DEXA scan at my local lifetime gym, I'm around 9.5% BF.

Since moving to a corporate environment I haven't been working out/exercising nearly as much naturally, yet I kept nutrition clean out of habit. I've hovered around 191-206 in the last year, I noticed that I lost weight more readily when not exercising/lifting as many heavy weights as when I consume roughly the same amount of calories/Macronutrient structure. I have to assume I must have a body-type that's prone to build muscle in hind-sight, but would anyone have suggestions as to how to drop weight more frequently when your body is prone to be in "build muscle" mode instead of "lose fat" mode?

Any supplements/fatburner suggestions would be welcome here as well. I've never taken any fatburners before, but with the quality of the people who's attracted in this forum, I'd be more than willing to have an open ear.

Warm Regards,


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