Babies and broken bones

Just yesterday I had taken a spill down a flight of steps with my 7 month old baby in hand. I'm am beyond upset and devastated that he received a femur fracture in his right leg down by the knee close to the growth plate. The doctor who set the fracture and placed the cast was very good and very happy with the placement of the fracture, but told us if it moves it could potentially lead to minor surgery and long term problems for my son. I am devastated! We have done everything since my wife became pregnant to make sure he would be bulletproof from day one. We have been following daves beter baby book and a Weston a price diet minus the raw milk, because she is still breastfeeding. Now this nightmares occurred and he's been subject to multiple X-rays, Motrin, and extreme trauma from the fall. Does anyone have any insight or experience with a situation like this and what I can do to best mitigate the negative impact of the X-rays, Motrin, and trauma? Please help I'm beyond a wreck here and want to keep my son bulletproof healthy and happy as I possibly can!

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