Drinking Your Own Urine?

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I thought this was the funniest research when I saw it. Trust an Australian Uni to publish it!

<h1> Melatonin supplementation from early morning auto-urine drinking.</h1>

Drinking one's morning urine ('amaroli') is a traditional practice of the yogic religion still widely performed. The pineal hormone melatonin and its conjugated esters are present in morning urine in significant quantities. Drinking the first morning urine restores plasma night-time melatonin levels due to deconjugation of its esters to melatonin. Exogenous melatonin, by either regulation of the sleep-wake cycle or enhancement of the physiological prerequisites for mediation (decreased body awareness (i.e. analgesia) and claimed slowed brain wave activity and heightened visualization ability) may be the mechanism behind the alleged benefits of 'amaroli'.


On a serious note, has anyone tried this and measured the results with Zeo? Does urine belong on the bulletproof diet? Or at least deserve a blog post in the sleep hacking series? image/icon_e_biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-D' />


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    The Chinese Association of Urine Therapy warns against side-effects including diarrhea, fever, and infection.
  • I find the idea of drinking my own urine disgusting.

    Other people's urine, however, is a delicious and refreshing morning beverage.
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    On a serious note, has anyone tried this and measured the results with Zeo? Does urine belong on the bulletproof diet? Or at least deserve a blog post in the sleep hacking series? image/icon_e_biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':grin:' />

    Son, you've had too many golden showers. You need some kettle bell swings and a cold shower.

    No sorcery, just science. 

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    'Aaron wrote:

    Son, you've had too many golden showers. You need some kettle bell swings and a cold shower.

    Hahaha! Of course this is all in humour, I would hope I could get melatonin elsewhere other than my "amaroli".

    I was watching The Dictator and the scene where his double drinks his own urine at the UN conference got me thinking "I wonder if that is on the green end of the bulletproof scale!" I couldn't believe there was actually a study about it. F'ing hilarious.
  • I did it years ago. In Ayurveda it is called Sivambu or Siva's amber (liquid)


    The first time was the worst!!!


    However if you have chronic health problems it can be a Godsend, as you are running the chemistry back through again. It is a good way to do an internal cleanse. In the case of someone who is very ill and produces no urine, the urine of someone near and dear could be used. Hey if you were really darned sick you'd go for it.


    However one issue with guys is that you are running testosterone back through you again, so it can make you jumpy and possibly a bit of an angry person.


    There is even a chemical taken from urine that is used in surgery to reduce bleeding (If memory serves me) The list of chemicals in urine is quite long.


    To do it properly you use the first urine of the day (That is the strongest) Use the midstream portion. The initial stream is too pungent and the last part is too weak. You will get a reminder of what you ate yesterday, because you will taste it and I suspect any food sensitivities could be figured out from that. Strong tastes would indicate that it did not digest well and was thrown out.


    If you drink all of your urine for one day you will turn into a jumpy, ......... er   ah   jerk. Been there.


    As far as using it topically I do know that you should never get fresh urine on your skin. You should put it in a jar with the cover just put on lightly so it can breath. (like a fine wine) tee hee Then it has to ferment for a period of time, I think a week or maybe a few days (I forget) and then it is very good for the skin. There is a few books and websites on it and as gross as it seems it does work.


    BTW I abandoned it many years ago because it made me jumpy and a bit of a jerk.


    Trivia - I remember somewhere reading that people would try to drink the urine from the Dalai Lama. He wasn't too thrilled. There was a way of collecting it that eludes me but it had something to do with third world countries systems. Reason - his physiology would be in very good condition and thus even his urine would be healthy.


    BTW you can laugh all you want but remember this little hack, because someday it may save your little bunns.

  • wow, so that is where the phrase "pissy mood" came from.


    i'll give $5 to the first person on this forum to go a month on nothing but raw meat and their own urine. 

  • I don't wish to p*ss anyone off by raising this one again, ;) but here is some links. There is lots of links on this BTW.




    Pay attn to 3:30 or so average lifespan of Doctors

  • This idea = So gross.


    The fact that Jason had an intelligent response to it = freaking awesome. 

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    What if you boiled down the "amaroli" to remove a lot of the water, then put what's left into caps and take them in the morning?


    Would I get $5 then? ;-)


    Or what if you did half "amaroli" and half upgraded coffee, with butter, MCT and vanilla? Hahaha!

  • Let's take the substance one's body uses to excrete poisons...

    ...and drink it.




    Not a chance.

    At least it's not being suggested to keep hydrated in an emergency, I suppose.

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    Greg and others, I get it and I am enjoying the laughs too.


    No one is suggesting that you do it for entertainment. Just like a lot of the things on this site, the info is there for you to learn and remember. When (notice I didn't say if) you find yourself in a situation, like having a chronic illness or being in the situation spoken of in these two news clips (copied below) that I got from the link that I posted previously, you will remember.


    My experience in life is that when I swear I'll never do it, "Instant Karma" swings out from somewhere and I get the opportunity. LOL


    Benjamin Franklin supposedly said that "youth is wasted on the young". Which means essentially that when you are young, you're pretty sure that you are going to remain as such forever. (I know I was) Then you get a knock on the head from out of nowhere. The reason I put forth this info here, is that when you get the inevitable knock on the head, you will possibly not have a Mommy to run to. I hope that you remember this and save yourself some serious grief. Things like drugs and surgery only sound like a good idea.


    Read the links. Even modern medicine uses a chemical derived from urine to staunch the flow of blood during surgery. In the past urine was used in a number of different ways, some of which are enumerated here:




    From Wackipedia:


    "Source of Medications

    Urine contains proteins and other substances that are useful for medical therapy and are ingredients in many prescription drugs (e.g., Ureacin, Urecholine, Urowave).[citation needed] Urine from postmenopausal women is rich ingonadotropins that can yield follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone for fertility therapy.[17] One such commercial product is Pergonal.[18] Urine from pregnant women contains enough human chorionic gonadotropins for commercial extraction and purification to produce hCG medication. Pregnant mare urine is the source of estrogens, namely Premarin.[17] Urine also contains antibodies, which can be used in diagnostic antibody tests for a range of pathogens, including HIV-1.[19]"


    (From previous link)

    "Two news articles from the past that recently came across my desk vividly illustrate the absolutely tragic consequences of the public's lack of information and our completely unfounded misconceptions regarding our bodies' own perfect medicine:


    Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News, October 16, 1992:

    "In Egypt, rescue workers found a 37-year-old man alive in earthquake rubble. He survived almost 82 hours by drinking his own urine. His wife, daughter and mother would not and they died."


    Associated Press, July, 1985:

    I don't think there's any question that these women and the child would not have died had they simply been aware of the truth that not only would their own urine not harm them, but would, in fact, have provided a power-packed combination of liquid nutrients and critical immune factors that would have sustained them in good health until help arrived."

  • OMG!!! i cant believe this actually. is it possible. even the person who struggle most of his life, he say if you are in too much sufferings then drink it. i really cant imagine too.

  • Drinking your own urine is very healthy, but who is crazy enough to do it?

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