Cannabis on BP DIet?

Just curious if this has ever been discussed. With the now-increasing legalization of cannabis, I am wondering what effects this would have on the BP Diet. Obviously, the munchies is not a desired side effect, but what about the other effects and benefits of smoking cannabis (via vaporizer)? Any research into its effect on metabolism, antitoxicity, etc.?


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    Well I have a bunch of cannabis smoking friends and they are all lazy, broke and or out of job, forgetful dudes. I am happy I got hallucinations from it when I was 17 and stopped over several months. It was very tough to give it up but my brain got back to normal and my memory came back as well. Also one of the recent studies showed that it tinkers with your opioid receptors like other drugs and therefore can be addictive. So I would treat it as medicine and do not take it every day. I personally would probably only take CBD oil. Ben Greenfield posts regularly about new trials on cannabis.

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  • I am a happy example of a pot-using bulletproofer. :smiley:

    I use local organic herb. I make Bulletproof Canabutter (Ghee, Kerrygold, and Brain Octane infused,) and my CanaBulletproof Coffee rocks! :smiley:

    I can report no cognitive decline -- at least nothing compared to my bad mattress, daily toxic load of living in a big city, etc.. I use it in specific ways and amounts to aide my work.

    I don't know about official studies, as this is all still very very new. But I do know most pot is FULL of toxins and mould. There are some studies about legally sold pot through dispensaries, and the data is appalling. This is why again it comes down to quality over everything else. It is most important to choose single grower, fresh organic herb from people who know what they are doing and do it with integrity. That is not easy to come by, but it deserves the same rigour as the clean food search.

  • Nothing more bulletproof than a good night's sleep and being a woman in your mid forties, it's really hard to come by. I have these five mg mints that give me the best sleep of my life. One, about an hour before bed, and I sleep like a baby! Dave has also done a couple of blogs on the subject.

  • Read my reply in '14yo male Teenager with developing brain and body—what can I do to maximize intelligence?'.

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