Help needed on the veggies!!

Hi! I started drinking the Bulletproof Coffee days ago (will implement the rest of the diet little by little), but I just know I'll get stuck on the veggies because I hate most of them. Would it be enough if I eat the few I like? Or will it work if I just throw everything in the blender (considering I won't filter stuff out and WILL eat what's still solid) including the ones I can't eat?
What I can eat: tomato, palm heart, carrot, olives, broccoli and beans.




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    That's hard. Carrots are OK in the evening, because they have some carbs. Broccoli is OK, but you have to steam it. Olives are fine as long as you don't use the ones that are jarred with MSG or soybean oil, but I suspect you might get sick eating nothing but tons of olives every day. Beans can be OK, though they give some folks stomach issues. I would certainly steam them. If you like broccoli, you might find that you like cauliflower, since it has a similar taste and texture. If you do, then you can steam it and use an immersion blender to puree it with butter, and it's close to mashed potatoes. I don't know much about the other veggies you mentioned, as I haven't eaten palm heart and I kind of remember him saying to go carefully with tomatoes. I think that is because they are part of the nightshade family, and have lectin (though I'm not certain about this). You will have to see whether they affect you negatively. But they don't appear to have an adverse impact to me, and I certainly would not have a problem including them with the other veggies. I think you can stick with eating only these for the first week or two, and then after the first few weeks, you might try some you haven't tried previously, one at a time, to see if you can get some variety into your diet. Who knows? You might find that you like sliced fennel cooked into a soup or stew.

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    Green smoothies. Sweeten the green smoothie with a bit of fruit if you have to and then taper down to pure green smoothies. Spinach, kale, cucumber, chard, broccoli sprouts, berries, etc. Lots of options.

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    Check out the BP Diet Info Graphic for what veggies are and what veggies are allowed to eat. Also look into BP recipes. Biohacking is more about making you perform optimally than making the best tasting food. So you will have to bring up willpower but realize that the way you perform is becoming better with each step into your right direction.

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    How much to eat:
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    I'd suggest trying other veggies even if you think you don't like them. When I started eating the bulletproof diet I had a lot of preconceptions about vegetables and what I liked...

    That all changed once I started eating the vegetables with butter and salt. I can convert people to eating more vegetables if I invite them over for dinner... I generally do simple stuff too - just steam, toss with butter, salt liberally with pink salt. You can use other fats (EVOO, tallow, etc.) for variety, as well as other seasoning... but butter and salt go a long way.

    That makes it easy to eat stuff that I wasn't particularly fond of prior to the bulletproof diet.

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