Blood Result - Apo B, Lp(a), LDL Levels - I need help it's scary

Hi team,
Been on the bulletproof diet for more than 5 month. I lost about 40lbs in total and feel great... but recently all my numbers started to bounce off the chart and to be honest it is a bit scary to see these numbers, that I am been put on Statin Pills, and for the past few weeks been a struggle.. Every time I consume grass fed butter, the lp(a) and Apo B Spike for at least 2 weeks before they settle down, and when they settle down they are still high numbers... I drink the bulletproof coffee in the morning without butter now, and I consume 2 to 3 meals a day, with anywhere 60 to 90 grams of protein, and the rest is unlimited cruciferous vegetables up to 9 cups a day, and about few servings of fat, avocado, Brain Octane, and the good fats... I do not over cook anything, and I eat my organic free range eggs raw, only the yolk... Tell me what am I doing wrong...

LDL 363.88
HDL 73.08
Triglycerides 103.63

Ratio is high 6.3
Total Cholesterol 457.46

Apo B: 205
Lp(a): 99

Free T3: 2.47
HS-CRP: 4.18

Looking forward to some help in this situation, as it would be appreciated.. As I do not agree with my doctor that I am on Statin right now, and low fat diet... In addition, I do no protein twice a week, based on the Bulletproof Road Map...


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