Blood Result - Apo B, Lp(a), LDL Levels - I need help it's scary

Hi team,
Been on the bulletproof diet for more than 5 month. I lost about 40lbs in total and feel great... but recently all my numbers started to bounce off the chart and to be honest it is a bit scary to see these numbers, that I am been put on Statin Pills, and for the past few weeks been a struggle.. Every time I consume grass fed butter, the lp(a) and Apo B Spike for at least 2 weeks before they settle down, and when they settle down they are still high numbers... I drink the bulletproof coffee in the morning without butter now, and I consume 2 to 3 meals a day, with anywhere 60 to 90 grams of protein, and the rest is unlimited cruciferous vegetables up to 9 cups a day, and about few servings of fat, avocado, Brain Octane, and the good fats... I do not over cook anything, and I eat my organic free range eggs raw, only the yolk... Tell me what am I doing wrong...

LDL 363.88
HDL 73.08
Triglycerides 103.63

Ratio is high 6.3
Total Cholesterol 457.46

Apo B: 205
Lp(a): 99

Free T3: 2.47
HS-CRP: 4.18

Looking forward to some help in this situation, as it would be appreciated.. As I do not agree with my doctor that I am on Statin right now, and low fat diet... In addition, I do no protein twice a week, based on the Bulletproof Road Map...


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    @Maurice Daher
    Well I just yesterday watched the Ben Greenfield Podcast Ep with Tim Ferris. Ferris said that his LDL was bad when he was in ketosis. The solution was to cut out ALL, yes ALLLLLLL lactose. Yes that means NO BUTTER. This is based on research from Dominic D'Agostino.

    From the comments:
    Tim Ferriss —
    November 4, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    Please hear the interview portion where Dom speaks of removing dairy from keto diets. This should provide clues.

    David Macintosh —
    November 5, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    For those interested that info on ldl’s and cutting out dairy is at 2:30:30 in the podcast

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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    Considering the lack of evidence in regard to cholesterol levels needing to be low, your worries may be much ado about nothing.

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