Bulletproof Diet with a fatty liver

My doctor prescribed me with a fatty liver about a year ago. Since then, I've tried the low carb low fat diet with typical results. When I was doing it 100% I lost weight, but if I eased up at all I gained it all back. I started doing this BP diet a little over 2 weeks ago and am loving it so far. I feel so much better, but now I'm really reading the book and getting into the details and it hit me like a ton of bricks......now I'm adding all this fat....what about my fatty liver?? OR is it ok since it's the good fats that Dave lists for us? Anyone have any ideas on this one? I would hate to continue and love it and then find out I'm doing more damage than good.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts....




  • I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in early April of 2016 and at the same time was advised that I had fatty liver. I had already started a ketogenic diet a few months before that but I wasn't doing it properly as I couldn't buy the strips to check (I was traveling overseas). My CRP was about 2.25 and I think that had likely come down quite a bit for the better dietary changes.

    After less than a year, my HDL is up a lot (65ml/dl), my triglycerides are down (but not as much as I want, now 93 ml/dl), my fasting insulin is 4.50 uUi/ml (I didn't test in April), and my HS-CRP was 1.15 mg/L). Best of all, my fasting blood sugar is pretty consistently around 4.2 mmol/L (76 mg/dl).

    I basically follow something similar to the Wahl's Protocol, but I add in eggs, heavy cream and some raw cheese. I have BP coffee most mornings, a lot of coconut oil and grass fed butter, and a ton of vegetables (often in smoothies with coconut milk). Pretty much everything has changed for the better (skin, hair, nails, lean muscle gains, energy levels, weight loss, improved memory/cognitive function, etc), but the most noticeable thing for me is the change in my nails. They used to be dull and brittle and would break several times per week (I'd often snag them on something and have a series of chips or breaks). Now they are almost too shiny for my liking, they are incredibly hard and they never break -- not once in many, many months. The eczema on my ankle also went away which has been great.

    My ketone levels range from 0.5 to 3.0 with a lot of variation. I have both the blood and breath testers (the urine strips worked well for me for about 6 months and now always show zero or trace ketones even when I'm at 3.0mm). I generally don't bother checking now as I have learned to eat when I'm hungry (sometimes a lot and sometimes much less) and I don't really care to much whether I'm in ketosis or not, although generally I pretty much am all of the time. I keep my protein levels moderate although I'm considering dropping them in the near future and I'll see whether that affects my training adversely or not.

    A whole foods based ketogenic diet may not work for everyone, but it's been a literal life-saver for me.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question!! I truly appreciate it and I'm so excited and inspired by your story! I plan on sticking with this and hopefully I'll see the same results as well!

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