Stem cell therapies

Hi does anyone know anything about stem cell therapies? I'm considering the treatment available at the stem cell centre in Seattle. I'm interested in knowing details of stem cell proceedures, and knowing peoples experiences. Also since I live in Europe, does anyone know where a similar treatment offered in Europe (Seattle quite far to travel)



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    I am just beginning to research this but have heard that re-injecting stem cells is illegal in the U.S.. There may be a research study work around or something similar. I have also heard specifically of traveling to Germany for stem cell therapy as an alternative to joint replacement. If you are already in Europe, I would think you could get at least as good therapy as in the U.S. and potentially much better. I am looking forward to more commentary on this topic. I need to re-listen to the past few stem cell podcasts to look in the actual locations Dave went to. Seattle stem cell clinic was mentioned by name recently.

  • It is legal in the US, as long as you are injecting your OWN stem cells via PRP (platelet rich plasma, AKA "vampire facial").

    I myself have never done thisbefore, as I'm not at a point in my life were I can financially justify any cosmetic procedures, but I read about it and it's something I'd definitely be interest in, down the road.

    Hope this helps!

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    Well afaik stem cell therapy is the only cure for MS so far. It goes like this. They take a few stem cells from your gut and then you have to take a lot of chemical drugs (like chemo therapy) over a long period of time until all your gut immune system is dead and gone. Then they add your stem cells back into the gut and bring it "back to life". So far it worked in first clinical trials but it is not past stage 3 yet. It costs a lot of money, (not sure if 30k or 300k or whatever) has severe side effects and is only considered for the worst cases.

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