Stomach upset after fasting, confused

I am So confused about what/how I should be eating. I have a history of ED eating - so I've pretty much avoided fat and calories for the majority of my adult life. I'm 38 now, very active (workout 6-7 times a week) - but my body has been stagnant for a long time. I breastfed my son for 3.5 years and was at a great weight (for me) the entire time. Once I stopped, I put on about 15-17 lbs and cannot seem to get it off, despite all this working out and eating clean. I do have a glass or two of red wine pretty much most nights, but aside from that I am eating all fat and protein - carbs from vegetables only.

A long post, but I'm so confused. So much of the talk around both the ketogenic and bulletproof diet seem to be about restricting calories in some fashion (listening to Jason Fung really confuses me...). The message I'm hearing is the more I restrict my calories, the more my body will produce ketones and the more I'll burn fat (and lose these stubborn 15 lbs). So, don't eat and when you do eat, eat little. I've been eating ketogenic for over a month and I haven't lost a thing. Seriously, besides wine or the occasional beer, I haven't had a carb outside of veggies in over a month, and I've lost nothing, all while being very active.

I decided to add IF to my regimen to see if I noticed any gains from that. Well, after a 36 hour fast, my stomach is upset, nauseous from eating and diarrhea when I do eat. It's like everything is running right through me. I'm drinking a lot of water, maybe not enough, but I do not feel thirsty and I'm peeing pretty clearly frequently throughout the day (I ALWAYS have to pee!).

I'm looking forward to feedback. I realize this post is a little all over the place, but I'm all over the place and very, very confused.



  • I realize that it's been 6 days since your post but I have a few follow up questions to help analyze your issue:

    1) what kind of fast did you do? water only? any salt? bullet proof coffee fast?
    2) what was the first thing you ate after 36 hrs, and how much of it did you consume?
    3) is there any pain (not just in your stomach) associated with the upset stomach?

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