whole body vibration plate

im about to buy a whole body vibration machine
can't afford and dont have access to the BP Vibe, so does anyone have any knowledge of what i need to give my attention to when buying these?
and if you have any experience with the benefits of the use

thank you


  • Vibration technology is legit and the real deal.
    Dave's product is at the low end of the market, and some would say that his machine "shakes" and not "vibrates". A decent machine starts in the ~$10K range.
    If you can't afford Dave's product, then don't invest your money in this technology. Everything else will disappoint and you may be inclined to blame the technology and not the product.
    Why don't you a try an indoboard, it is low tech, promises a 100% unstable experience, and costs ~$200. You can incorporate it into your workout with body exercises and weights.

    Check out the owner who is 67 years old and adept at balancing.
    Strength and balance is key.

  • well why not try it?
    because I wanna stay alive (:

  • I'd love to buy a Vibe, but they're not very customer friendly in regards to delivery. I asked for a time window of delivery so I could accept it, since it comes in a crate. What do people with jobs do?

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