We have a one year old daughter who is happily making clicking noises here in her wet pants.
They are wet because I am not using diapers and didn't notice she had to pee to bring her to her potty.
I have used those all cotton reusable diapers with cotton cloths as inserts and bamboo charcoal and all bamboo inserts.
I also wrapped clothes around her in different ways and those little nappies.
This all didn't work quite well.
It leaked fast and didn't soak the pipi away from her skin, thus leading to rashes.
They are also difficult to wash and dry.

When we were in Europe I used disposable diapers out of non GMO corn which I don't know how healthy they actually are.
Also they are not available here in india where we are now.

Here I have also used some of the available plastic diapers which I am very suspect of.
I always picture the cemicals soaking through her skin though I don't know how bad it actually is. At least those ones keep her skin fairly dry and prevent rashes.

So finally I figured it is probably most bulletproof to go diaper free.
It has supposedly many benefits.
I think it is great.
Just more time and attention.
But alway big joy when it actually works!

The wet pants can be dried and washed, the floor wiped etc. But the mattress shouldn't get wet.
So at least at night I would like some pipi protection.

What is the most bulletproof way to keep the mattress from soaking and our sleep dry and warm?

Thanks to you all!


  • I am also trying diaper free, though I haven't gone this far. At night we put baby in an eco friendly disable because we decided that sleep was most important for all. He is 3 months old now, and he dream feeds through out the night and wears one diaper all night. This allows me more sleep, him too, and keeps his skin from staying wet. However, I still have used wool pads to protect the bed (his and mine) from wetness. I can't believe they worked, but they did. I bought my an up-cycled product on Etsy. (https://www.etsy.com/listing/88493606/100-pure-wool-puddle-pad-changing-mat?ref=hp_rv) When he wets it, I just move it off to dry. I don't have to wash it each time. I keep one of these on our bed. For his cosleeper, he has one sheet, one wool protector, one sheet, one wool protector, and a wool mattress. This way I can just remove layers as he wets them. (I also got products here http://www.purerest.com/ORGANIC-Crib-Infant-Bedding/Crib-Mattress-Pads

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    You could likely also use any left over wool blankets. After a couple of washings you need to lanolize the wool again. But you don't have to wash it every time.

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