Help! Triglycerides 750!

I was making my husband bp coffee every morning because his mothers cardiac history is terrible and I worry he will have issues as well. He doesn't follow the bp diet but he eats well most of the time, generally only has bp coffee for breakfast. His fasting lipid panel indicated his triglycerides were 750! The doc said stop the butter and I also had him stop MCT oil. He was already taking omega 3s, krill oil, co q 10, red yeast rice and niacin for triglycerides because in the distant past they were 350. I don't know what to do, I thought healthy fats were healthy! I'm very worried about his heart health- he's only 39. Thanks in advance!


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    bp coffee is a tool for a hflc diet and you are adding fat on top of his regular diet... learn about ketosis and you will see his trigs plummet.

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  • Healthy fats are healthy in the absence of carbohydrates. Generally, it's believed that high carbohydrate intake leads to high triglycerides. Check to see if his "healthy" diet includes whole grains, fruits, starchy vegetables, breads, and sweets. If it does, it's not healthy.

  • 750 is extremely high and well beyond the scope of advice from a forum member. There is likely a variable that is not being controlled for. Keep testing to find out what it could be, including the validity of the test. Also, as you mentioned his mother had cardiac issues so there may be a genetic component to this.

    Other than that, as casual advice reduce carbohydrates to reduce triglycerides, increase healthy fats.

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