Help me with my Spectracell results!

So I got my Spectracell results. I've been strictly Bulletproof for 2 months now (6 months Paleo before) and was hoping for slightly better results. Really don't get the Oleic acid as I chug olive oil for fun.

More importantly I seem to just be Borderline on loads of different areas.

Question is how can I push these all up? I obviously don't want to take a multivitamin. Already supplement with C, D, K2, Magnesium, CoQ10, Omegas & Iodine.

Would you just get supplements for each of the borderline areas or add some more foods?


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    I don't have a good answer for you, but a way to think about it...

    Spectracell looks at what nutrients actually make it inside the cells, with the idea that this is what matters for cellular health. If you eat olive oil you might have high serum levels of oleic acid, but if it doesn't get into the cells then the cells don't get benefit from it.

    So you can try and figure out why oleic acid isn't getting into your cells. Is it because you need more essential fatty acids (linoleum acid) omega-3 fatty acids (ala, epa, dha)? Is it because you need to be eating healthy fats for 2 years before all your cellular membranes are recycled with new healthy fats? Is it because your body isn't able to digest the olive oil you're chugging (maybe you need betaine or lipase, or your bile recycling needs help)? Is it because you have some other health issue (inflammation, infection, etc) that your body is prioritizing for nutrients instead of sending them out to all the cells?

    Multivitamins aren't the enemy - cheap and low quality multivitamins are the problem. If you get a high-quality multi-vitamin, it will actually help you. But it's going to be a lot more expensive than the multi vitamins that you get at your local pharmacy or costco.

    B-vitamins in particular are water soluble and your body doesn't hold on to them for very long. A good high-quality b-complex vitamin is a reasonable thing to take - I've used Jarrow B-Right before and it seems to work nicely.

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