Afraid to start doing the carb re-feeds

So I've been doing a loose combination of the keto diet and BP diet for almost a month now. I've lost 7.5 lbs so far and feel pretty great. I have been exhibiting the signs of being "fat adapted" in that I no longer have cravings and when I do get hungry I'm really only interested in LCHF foods. It's so nice not to be thinking of food all the time! Even though I'd been starting every day with BP coffee since starting the keto diet, I only started reading the BP book recently and have been debating about what specifics of the BP diet I want to incorporate into my WOE. I'm feeling reluctant to do the suggested BP carb re-feedings. When I started going keto, I noticed that as long as I completely stayed away from sugar and limited my carbs to those found in non-starchy vegetables and raw, grassfed dairy, I had no cravings. I'm afraid re-introducing carbs in the form of starchy BP vegetables or rice will bring back my cravings the way cheating on carbs has done to me in the past. What have your experiences been with the carb re-feeds?


  • If you don't feel like carb re-feeds then don't do them. Why stop eating the way you are if you are feeling great? Dave Asprey recommends re-feeds based on his own experience of getting dry eyes from lack of mucous when eating a ketogenic diet for an extended period of time.

    It seems this issue of dry eyes is actually uncommon on keto and seems to be due to other problems. Nora Gedgaudas discussed this on her podcast with Dave and disagreed with his conclusions. Mucin is a glycoprotein which means that it is half "glyco" (glucose) and half protein. Sufficient glucose can be made through gluconeogenesis. Protein and glycerol can both supply more than enough glucose for the production of mucus. As for the protein aspect then besides glycine and and proline then all of the other aminos are easily obtained from seafood, organs, meat and eggs. As for glycine and proline then these can be obtained from bone broths or gelatin. If someone eats seafood, organs, meat and bone broth then I don't see why they would get "dry eyes" and if they do then I suspect it is due to another problem that a medical professional may'be able to pinpoint. As for saying you "need" a re-feed every 7 days then this is a statement that has no evidence to back it up whatsoever.

    I ate keto for 7 months without re-feeds and didn't get dry eyes. I do refeeds at the moment because I play basketball once a week and it seems wiser to consume carbs for this type of activity. As for re-feeding because of the risk of getting "dry-eyes" then this sounds like nonsense to me.

    Dave himself admits that some people do excellent on keto without re-feeds so why he recommends re-feeds for everybody without any exception is beyond me.

  • Thanks. No problem with dry-eyes so I won't stress about it.

  • If you listen to the Bulletproof podcast, Dave warns people sternly not to skip their carb re-feeds. Please check out this blog post by Dave Aspry:

    If you look at the subheading "Results of my extreme low carb experiments", Dave describes an experiment where he eats less than 50g of carbs for 90 days. His biomarkers did not look good afterward. What he didn't write

    I worked with Dave on a project a year later and I was ordering food. He told me that he couldn't eat anything with eggs in it - not even the yolks. I asked him what was up and he told me that during his 90 day experiment, he wrecked the mucosal membrane in his gut lining and developed severe egg sensitivities. It took him years to correct this involving some really crazy biohacking.

    The moral of the story is to do your re-feeds. Even if you are a freak of genetics and can get away with it, your gut biome can't.

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    & Dave's a big guy as well (if I recall correctly),
    So I expect (guess actually) that <50 grams carbs p/d is gonna hit him harder than a smaller individual (?).

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    You can spread out the re-feeds more or less if you want - it doesn't HAVE to be weekly, but that's a good general guideline...

    If you're losing weight and just starting with low-carb, you can probably go longer between re-feed days or re-feed meals... but you should plan to add them to your rotation when you can.

    I'll try and opportunistically time re-feed days with social outings, vacations, family get togethers, etc. where it is more difficult to be low-carb... For example, I ate a lot more sweet potato on Thanksgiving than I do on other days.

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