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Hi Im a 50 woman who has been on the bullet proof diet for a 2 1/2 weeks. week 1 was awesome lost 6 lbs. Week 2 not so good.. didnt loose a pound. I wondering If this diet will work for me. Im following all the rules on what foods to eat but seem to be stagnant ... Any suggestions? I did start putting protein into my shakes in hopes of loosing..


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    I'm about the same; however, i think it's an adjustment period. I'm not giving up as I feel so much better and am not hungry. I always use the protein in the coffee in the morning. Love the coffee. I use the Lose it app to track what I eat. It is a good reminder and does show the distribution of carbs, fats and protein that you eating. Are you tracking? If not, I suggest you do before giving up.

  • The faster you lose the quicker you'll gain ;o) I do not look at BP diet as necessarily a weight loss program. Weight loss seems to be a nice side effect of getting my body back into alignment to how it was designed to function. Listen to your body and slowly you will hear it humming nicely like a well tuned machine, rather than one that is pushed to its limits by inferior fuel and lifestyle and is sputtering.. once you feel awesome .. you dont necessarily freak about the weight and obsess about it. As obsession and frustration causes adrenalin, cortisol and insulin trio get messed up and cause undesired outcomes. One size fits one, take what your body needs from this program.. and tweak it to fit you.

    Good luck!

  • i have to say, i like what triagain has to say. i lost weight quickly and its a grt when you want a quick 5 pound loss. but, i did regain it as soon as i stopped the bp /if diet. i am very active 50 year old. i suffer from hypothyroidism and i do find that losing weight is always an issue with me. i am trying to adopt take what your body needs from this program and tweak it to what i need!
    i do feel at times AMAZING and want to stay there every day. But that doesnt happen. Tomorrow is a new day! Thanks for the reminder triagain and keep up the good life joweilup

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