Supplements for Muscle Gaining?

What supplements would all of you recommend for gaining muscle?

So far I have creatine, glutamine and protein


  • @Jason Miller said:
    Take glutamine off the list, add carbohydrates, and make sure you are at least at maintenance calories, surplus is better, adequate sleep, and a most importantly a good training program.

    Why no Glutamine?

  • @Jason Miller said:
    Does nothing for adding muscle mass or improving body composition.

    What kind of training program would you recommend? Honestly just looking to gain mass at this point

  • What Jason said about calorie surplus.

    The 5x5 program is pretty good:

  • Protein is always number 1.

  • jlmenajlmena
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    Ben Greenfield mentions this study, where a stack of HMB and ATP produced significant gains in both lean body mass (~13%) and strength (~24%) compared to the placebo group. Haven't tried it myself yet.

    One counterintuitive method of gaining muscle mass is to get lean first. By reducing your bodyfat you lower estrogen and increase your normal testosterone levels which will help you gain muscle mass much faster. Just don't get too lean too quickly as this will also lower testosterone.

  • go lift some heavy weights and eat like you want the gains

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