What are you guys making for Super Bowl Sunday???

My father in-law just called and is making buffalo wings, probably fried in vegatable oil and God knows what kind of ingredients (God I'm such a snob now. smh.) I was thinking about maybe some BP guacamole and a big ol vegtable tray, but that's kinda boring. Maybee deviled eggs... Idk

What're ya'll whippin up this Sunday??


  • Jason MillerJason Miller Mother nature isn't stupid mod

    I would just go for it and enjoy yourself, nothing can happen to you from one day of relaxing on your diet.

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  • SkeletorSkeletor The Conqueror Worm ✭✭✭

    I agree with Jason, though if you want to try and stay BP/Paleoish, there are some options. If you can source some good pork rinds (not BP, I know, but somewhat paleo), then they make great vehicles for guacamole or homemade salsa, and at least you're getting some glycine with 'em. Some dark chocolate, some nuts in reasonable portions, veggies, deviled eggs, are also good options. Bring over some grilled or roasted meat, or if you do dairy, some good cheese.

    Honestly though, I'd just eat the buffalo wings. If you live a reasonably healthy life most of the time, the indulgence won't ruin you. Getting together with family and enjoying a tasty (but unhealthy) meal is still a special thing, even if it doesn't maximize your performance.

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  • Thank you Jason and Skeletor. I should've mentioned that I'm a Muay Thai boxer and need to keep my weight in check, but I agree with you both- somewhat ( ;

  • Jason MillerJason Miller Mother nature isn't stupid mod

    So in that case it's good to keep in mind that it's basically impossible to gain any sort of bodyfat from a day of eating abnormally. I get people to eat rice crispy treats during a weight cut, so you definitely have options if your regular diet plan and macros are in check. Plus it's good to give your metabolism a high cal boost once in a while, you'll probably bounce back leaner for it.

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  • Bet. Thanks JM

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