Daily amounts of butter and MCT oil?

How many grams of grasss-fed butter and MCT oil and/or Brain Octane oil do you eat on a regular day?



  • Seems to add up quick and just measure with tbsp, but typical day:

    Break fast:
    BP coffee - 1tbsp butter and 1tbsp BO x 2
    Bone broth 1tbsp BO
    BP coffee - 1tbsp butter and 1tbsp BO
    This would fluctuate the most and don't measure much here just listen to my hunger, but if you consider butter on the veggies, MCT in the guacamole or what have you... I'd say another tbsp butter and 3tbsp MCT

    So totaling the mess above, sorry about that it would average out daily to be:
    butter 4tbsp, BO 4tbsp and MCT 3tbsp

    Guessing it depends on what you are trying to accomplish as this will most likely be a little different for the individual, but hope it helps with the question.

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