BP coffee saved my ski trip ! Zapped altitude sickness in 10 minutes

I have been prone to altitude sickness, thus we choose our ski vacation from lower altitude options, however this year even 6000FT altitude made me wake up with a splitting headache, palpitations and nausea - I was plastered on the couch of the condo drooling looking at the slopes almost in tears.
I had my usual BP coffee with Brain octane oil and kerigold butter + collagen protein. Did not think anything of it had no expectations of that to fix it.
Within 10 minutes all altitude sickness was gone! I honestly had forgotten that Dave actually tried the tea with yak butter in Himalayans' to fight the altitude sickness ... wow.
During our stay the first 2 days started with slight headache and bamm!! BP coffee wiped out everything including the palpitations ! Had a BP breakfast and 2 BP coffees and I was on the slopes for 6 hours not even stopping for lunch.

This was amazing I cannot believe how my life has changed since I have been implementing the BP principles.

Thanks Dave!


  • I should have read it before my ski trip! Unfortunately, I only know BP for a week. I went for a ski trip after my exam period but as I got out of the car, I suddenly felt dizzy. I don't know what caused it but my only idea was the altitude...

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