Bulletproof Eating in Atlanta


I am traveling to Atlanta for work and am stressing out over the eating situation. I am packing all of my Bulletproof supplies, such as BP Coffee, Brain octane, supplements, collagen bars, etc. I located a Whole Foods and a natural foods market, but are there any recommendations from locals or forum members that are familiar with the area? I am familiar with the travel hacks.I will be with a group this trip, so if there are any restaurant recommendations (a stretch, I know) or markets I can steer us to, the information would be much appreciated.

Fasting crossed my mind, but not when so much exercise will be involved.




  • I'm new to Atlanta and I'm slowly finding places. So far the best place to find grass fed / organic / wild caught, is at the Dekalb farmers market.

    But you still have to watch what your picking up. Because they do have non organic produce there too.

    There are a few farms in the outlining areas that are 100% grass fed / organic. But I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing them yet.

    And it's almost time for some of the other farmers markets to start up. I've been told that ingles market has good grass fed butter. I get the Kerry gold from Costco. Also there is a Whole Foods and Trader Joes in town.

    Hope that helps. And I'm also continually on the hunt for better places.

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