My lemon juice drinks are to opinions or suggests

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Sorry if the post is alittle long I am not healthy smart still learning alot so just wanted to some opinions or suggestions on what I can do to help my sistuation....

Just alittle background...

I am a 28/ male...I messed my liver about a year ago and...put me in the hospital a couple of times...unfortunately I still drink but in all honestly, believe me a lot less!...I am saving money to go the doctor so I can get this med that kinda stops withdraws so I am not shaking like leaf and feeling sick and still go to work....

Some days my right side hurts like crazy but I work through it...makes you feel like crap...also take 2 meds for high blood pressure...not sure how high it gets but it will wake me up out of a dead sleep if i forget to take them...also perscribed ADHD meds but only got to take them for the first month the hospital helped me get them...but can't afford by any means $300 month plus doc visit...sorry if babbling not sure what info is important to y'all and what's not (not complaining at all..not by any means I know this whole thing I did to myself...just working inside my means at my pace)

I drink nothing but water while at work, take multi vitamins, and sometimes anti acids or a probiatic drink when I eat a meal...sometimes I have a flare up and barely keep anything down including can last about two or three days

Anyway to my point...

I am always looking for tips on what to eat but am limited on my income...and can't really cook due to the absence of a stove...

I heard about lemon juice helping some with digestion and liver and I love about 10 days in having 1-2 lemon drinks a day...a couple days just ate the lemon didn't have time at work that day to squeeze...


Within a couple days I started noticing difference...I had more of an appetite I wasn't need my ibprofen as much nor my anti acids its been good....

So I can't afford to buy the cleansing sets but does anyone HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS TO HELPdinnerLY HEAL MY BODY TO OVER A YEAR AGO?

I know I need to stop drinking...working on it the best I can...don't really even get drunk I just drink to keep the withdraws under control...ANY SUGGESTIONS OR SOMETHING I CAN DO OVER THE COUNTER OR FOOD I CAN DO TO LESSEN THE ALCOHOL WITHDRAWS....

Now with the lemon juice I know it can hurt your teeth....IS 3 OR 4 LEMONS IN TWO DRINKS A DAY BAD OR YOU?

I like the pulp...and I add a little Nu-Salt sometimes...also like it work I will start with a glass and sip on it for a while and just add water at about half till there isn't any lemon juice then just water the rest of the work day....


I appreciate any opinions or help...I am just kinda been shooting in the dark...before all this I was a straight TV dinner, fast food guy...didn't know anything about eating healthy never needed too

P.S. sorry its a long post didn't want to leave out info that would help someone help me...not ashamed just something I am working through in my life...sorry for any misspellings or grammer not my strong suit



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    @chris2c I can't really help you with all the questions, but maybe this'll help:

    Since I have the impression that my liver isn't functioning properly,I decided about 2 days ago to start with lemon oil for detox/liver health.
    Lemon oil is very concentrated and made from the rinds,so it's best to pay attention that it's organic. The benefit is that you don't have to drink it,for it to work.
    What I do is have about 3 to 4 drops of lemon oil mixed with some coconut oil (but you can use MCT too for even quicker absorption) and rub the mixture on my skin over the liver area.
    (However pay attention that lemon and citrus fruits in general are phototoxic,so you shouldn't expose yourself/skin part to sunlight/UV directly afterwards for a long time)

    Also,I haven't tried this myself yet but I hear many people make Castor Oil packs and put them over their liver. If you type 'Castor oil packs' on YouTube you'll find lots of videos about how to do it.

    Best of luck.

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    First off, congrats on turning your life around. You're taking the first steps on improving your health. Some easy tips:

    • Lemon juice is a great place to start.
    • If you can get access to a sauna 3-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes, that would be another great way of detoxing.
    • Walking outside in the sunlight if you can spare 20 minutes. Exercise is such a powerful tool in improving your health, and the added benefit of doing it outside is you get Vitamin D from the sunlight, which is also important for so many biological functions.

    Good luck on your journey to good health!

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