Bulletproof Coffee taste lacking

Not wanting to wait for my BP beans to arrive, I bought some from a local roaster I know that is fanatical about the quality of his beans. The BP coffee this made was amazing and I couldn't wait until the next morning to have my next cup.

My 5 lb bag of beans arrived and I started using it yesterday and now all I can taste is the oil and butter. I upped the amount of coffee this morning and still can get no coffee taste. Tomorrow I'm going to double it which will hopefully work but even if it does, I just turned $16/lb coffee into $32.

I used my Aeropress yesterday and did cold brew for 20 hours for today's.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Different beans, different roast, different flavors.

    If you prefer the flavor of your local roaster stick with them.

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  • The original light roast has a pretty delicate taste and flavor profile, though I enjoyed it while I had it. Haven't tried the newer medium and dark roasts. Cacao powder and occasionally pumpkin spice are my go-to ways to add punch to my brew. Good luck!

  • To give this process a fair shot, I figured I need to do it 100% which includes the beans and I've got 5 lbs so I guess I'll just be using a lot of coffee until it's gone.

  • cold brew is prob the best for his stuff
    the 'Mentalist' is a slight improvement, but no 5lb...

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