Where is Ketosis or Keto...?

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I tried google maps, but could not see them.

They sound like good places to be or go.

I have seen a few posts on the interweb where people want to get into Keto or Ketosis.
& others who love being in Keto and Ketosis and rave about how great they are.

On the flip side, I also read people are being kicked out of both Keto and Ketosis...but they still want to get back there.

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fake it till you make it


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    And the same people who write posts like this also need a reminder that this was posted in Gangster Banter...

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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  • The rules are simple. Submit to King Xylitol's demands and you will be showered in avocados.

    And whatever you do, don't feed Dave's osprey after midnight.

    I'm out of dumb puns.

  • Isn't ketogenesis the first book of the Bible?

    Make, [then,] thyself to grow to the same stature as the Greatness which transcends all measure; leap forth from every body; transcend all Time; become Eternity; and [thus] shalt thou know God. Conceiving nothing is impossible unto thyself, think thyself deathless and able to know all,—all arts, all sciences, the way of every life.  – Corpus Hermeticum XI “The Mind of Hermes”

  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭

    fake it till you make it

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