Finding the best local source of coffee

I decided to go all in on BPC so bought a 5 lb bag of the upgraded beans. I absolutely hate it as there is no flavor and it now tastes like I'm just drinking butter and oil. I tried increasing the amount of coffee to the point I made myself sick with what I assume was just way too much caffeine.

I had seen a post Dave had made about how to increase your chances of finding mycotoxin free coffee but now can't find it. I remember it said to find single source and I believe it recommended Central America but don't remember how he suggested it be processed.

Any help?


  • this is why I came in here too,
    his coffee is crap for taste,
    the mentalist is a slight improvement, but no 5lb option
    regardless Ive bought his bean for the last few years,
    but Ive had enough, @ his price point it should have both quality & taste
    Ive tried to figure out/ research all this before
    its time consuming & still left uncertain in the end

    being grown at high alt is the starting point,
    but how its processed is just as important
    so Im off to figure it out as well

  • I remember Dave said, that beans of Europeans brands are more mycotoxin free, because of the regulation in Europe.
    Especially Germany I think ...

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    Since this is still a topic that people have questions on I will run through it...

    Dave's basic outline was
    a. single origin/estate - this cuts down on potential contamination
    b. wet processed - there are two processes essentially: dry and wet, dry processes involves letting the cherry dry onto the bean before removing while, wet removes the cherry from the bean after its harvested. Dry processed coffee generally has more bold complex flavors, less common than wet processed coffees. All coffee is processed where it was grown and different areas of the world do it a little differently.
    c. high altitude - i can't remember what this has to do with mycotoxins. I don't think it has any. is an excellent resource concerning coffee.

    I roast my own that is the best way to get fresh coffee and its less expensive then buying it roasted.

    I think any good local roaster's product will be fine. Mycotoxins are concern in like McDonalds and Folgers and other places where its a blend from shitty cheap bulk coffees from around the world. You get what you pay for when it comes to roasted coffee,

    As to the Europe thing, Dave had a coffee guy talk about Europe having higher standards which may be true, but this I think is only a concern when talking about shitty cheap coffee.

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  • I do a coffee check with my mobile laboratory. My head :smile: . I emediatly feel if a coffee is not good and will cause headaches. Lissen to your self is the best check :smiley:

  • He just said in his new book,
    Central america
    wet processed (not 'natural process')
    single source, no blends
    He didnt mention high alt, but know he's said this before...

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