What if there was a new way you could enhance your cognition?

Hello Guys -

I'm fairly new to the bio-hacking community online, but i've been in practice for roughly 3 years. I am 19 years old and have tried a number of diets, such as paleo, vegan, and fasting. As it did help me cleanse my body from all of the junk food I ate as an adolescent, it also has been making me feel more alert, and less fatigued. 3 years ago I dropped consuming soda I remember I lost 10 lbs. in short period of time, it amazed me to say the least, especially because after just 2 months I had zero cravings for it.

So I would say that was a major turning point for me. Fast forward to today, I'm working alongside an innovative product in the bio-hack field, which is called nootrobox. The name comes after the term 'nootropics' which are essentially 'smart drugs' or cognitive enhancers. Working with this group and testing samples of their sprint, yawn, kado (which i highly recommend for the consumer that does not like the taste of fish nor the mercury in it but still wants those healthy fats that are in fish) and now their coffee cubes - an alternative to drinking coffee, you chew them! I only take some when I'm in a rush in the morning.

While taking sprint I noticed it kicked it after a few minutes of consumption and slowly scaled up my alertness. I take one every morning now alongside bulletproof coffee and it works wonders in terms of my productivity.

But since a young kid I've always had sleeping problems, it's a common widespread problem in the U.S. and globally of course. I tried melatonin, which works fairly decent, lavender, different types of tea. Again, they all fairly helped. But I did test nootrobox yawn and found that helps me to fall asleep if I take it 2 hours before I plan on getting a good nights rest. I extremely encourage all people to turn off their electronics and any lights 1 hour prior to rest time as well.

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